Текст песни Gaerea - Conspiranoia

Оригинальный текст песни Conspiranoia

Reflections of what you are
Imagination is overpriced

Sadly rooted, an old version of myself
So passionately in others minds
That can't be seen
As anything else
They think I desire no affection

Cutting Strings
Escaping reality
Leave it all behind
As If it was only myself

No one seems to notice
My mind is my own paradise
Trapped inside
I can see clearly now
Risks are getting higher
I don’t need your consent

A man on the spectrum
The darkest shade to define fate
Spread the arms away

My demons should be
The dark lurks through the night

A loop of flesh and blood
Never look back
Don't question myself
Poison my mind
Eyes dazzling
Heart pure gold

No equal form
Its threatening
A bone taken from
The elder men

Uttering words
Seem so unreal
Why do I feel

And just yearn
For a kind face
While the others long to be
In some distant fate

Between what is and what is not absorbed by us
Men would rather walk through the Void
Advantage, Satisfaction
In conspiracy with its equals

Possessing the quiet and ultimate truth
He shall fall from afar
Mesmerized by the breeze's flavour
Suspended in Space-time
Falling headlong in the most impressive way
Against the Human race

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