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Оригинальный текст песни Null

Swallowed by Dejection
The cartridge I wore
The golden one was left behind
Perverse I secretly am

God knew it better
My scars could attest
My dispassionate pleasure
Ripping the skin from bone

The torment of flesh
The shell that encloses
As heavy as stone
My heart may endure

Under the sun
This Familiar pain
I assumed an ultimate form
Splendid and passionate
Pearls of hunger
Ripple through my bones
More sorrow than madness
Than I have ever known

Set the eyes on fire
Blazing Red

Inner screams
Echoes in my skull
Anger pulses
A trashing stream in my veins
My gnarled body
A trapping cage
A torturous smile
Indulgence blends with grief

They beg for more
But they do so in vain

My head still thrashes
Demanding to be heard

The boundaries between perception
And reality still dim

Transcending thoughts
For one day
Tainted body and mind
Will do nothing but obey

I am phenomenal
Fierce, strong, and audacious
I am proud to be owned
I’m honored to be His slave
With passion I serve Him
With gratitude I bend my knees
He awakens the deepest parts of me
Where once I couldn't fell

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Gaerea - Limbo

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