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Оригинальный текст песни To Ain

No oppression on the horizon
Not a single lie spit by tongue
As an aimless vagabond I fall
Addicted to lethal life, it’s so magnificent

The great boundary among the enlightened
Their blackened visions feed from thy memorials

Provocative veil is lifted
Vain, avaricious, dead
Their Irony exceeds them
And the cost: Everything

Grotesque flaws
Everyday neuroses
The sound of silence relieves me!
Consumes me!
Inflicting Chaos. To Ain!
Nothing he believes is real
As I keep sliding back to life.

This is my last flight
Still, silent, serene

Howls from the past
And the birds are not flying high
A muted scream suffocates my mind

Is lethargy keeping us alive?
I will not let these flames take me.

Sunrise behind the curtain so peaceful of
He’s a fantasist.
A wanderer of the Void

I learned not to fear infinity
Seems more like a burden than a source of joy
Going up the stairs
I tend to jump through the fields of glass
These are the colors
Colors of Eternity

One by one
With arms wide open
We will fall
To Ain!

Chilling whispers, teardrops you won’t hear the calling
Weeping rivers, flowing in haunting seas
In waves
Out of key you are, you’re so...
This golden dawn will dive with me.

Along the shining idols
Twinkle the milky way of life,
Stretched to the point of never-ending line
Ten thousand stories remain untold
I hate mankind, for I am
one of the best of them
And I know how bad I am.

What is a man?
A miserable pile of secrets
Cold and vacant
The strange, uncanny, mysterious

And as I fall Into the abyss of this mundane world

I stare and glare, my boundless extent
One by one
With arms wide open
We will fall
To Ain!

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Gaerea - Limbo

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