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Can’t see where I’m going that’s fine
house on fire is that enough light?
the drugs will wear away and the bleakness will replay
unexamined guilt and blind spite

turquoise bleeding walls
through the floor she falls
Plastic nothing am I

born in taxidermy twitching
born displayed decaying ape sings

masticated spat
poisoned like a rat

plastic nothing i see
that which used to be me

mother concentric circles
my breath is emptied slowly
as I am I crawl
oxygen leaks from our heads
cylindric surgical self
as I am I crawl

the stillborn god inside of me
it stares through my ungrateful eyes
and sees
we beat the drums of rage and fear
unconscious of the eyes behind the dream

Альбом Gargoyl

Gargoyl - Gargoyl

Дата релиза: 09.10.2020

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