Текст песни Go For Gold - Loser

Оригинальный текст песни Loser

Another problem with my head
Can't tie my shoes so I'm tangled at my feet
Always find an excuse to keep you from leaving me
Never wanted you to miss out
I always covered you in fear and doubt
Drinking away your days why do you let me bring you down
If floorboards
Could talk they'd ask me what I'm so sad for
These years spent hiding indoors
My throat's hoarse
From screaming in my car for
These drives north
To have you settle me

Our conversations are so draining
I've taken all that you have given
With no return
Now you've finally learned
That I'm
my own worst enemy
Stuck in my head
So you start to break free
Erase the fear that comes from my disease
Tear off the shirt
That you stole from me
I don't blame you after who
I've been

I guess I get what I deserve
I feel like such a fuckin loser
The whiskey stains on my shirt
A sign I'm still trying to get hurt