Текст песни Goat Necropsy - The Collector

Оригинальный текст песни The Collector

This old barn
Now a place of peace for me
Here lies
My collection of human beings

Closer and closer
A putrid smell comes creeping
Closer and closer
Clogging bloody apocalypse

Hanging from the hooks,
I admire
It’s a hard work
but pays off with time

It’s a pleasure
My chainsaw begs for it
To feel your guts
Interlacing in it

Like a butcher
I enjoy cutting things
Seeing the bodies
Hanged from the ceiling

I will rip you like a jigsaw

I am the abyss
Dark as the eyes can see
Butcher, misanthropic, filthy and sick
Twisted desolation

Through a vessel of necrophilic hate

Welcome to hell
Your worst nightmare
Welcome to hell
Your worst nightmare awake

Альбом Bloody And Fresh

Goat Necropsy - Bloody And Fresh

Дата релиза: 12.05.2020

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