Текст песни Godhand - More Than A Hairline Fracture

Оригинальный текст песни More Than A Hairline Fracture

The callous in my broken bones
is holding them together
So from now on they’ll always ache
when there’s a change in the weather
The cold reminds me of times
when my life could have been better
I’ll remember all of those days
every winter now and forever
I am broken on the inside
I am broken
Cause these breaks
just didn’t f**king heal right
So how could I
How could I ever forget
Set in place
Now they’re not going anywhere
Retracing the lines
Engrained in the fractures
The scars that only I can feel
The weight just seems so heavy
The pressure makes it
hard for me the breathe
Feeling trapped in this broken body
Hide the decay deep inside of me
Feels like my bone marrow is rotting
Just keep ignoring the ache
that’s constantly inside of me
More than a hairline fracture
It’s a pain that I’ll always carry with me
I Am
Broken on inside
Theres things I’ve done in my past
That I’m not f**king proud of
But those choices have made me
Who the f**k I am today
Even though the regret slowly fades
I still hear the sound of,
My bones when they’re f**king breaking
And they’re never gonna be the same
I’ll remain broken
I am broken on the inside