Текст песни Graveland - Possessed By Steel

Оригинальный текст песни Possessed By Steel

The gods gave us steel
It's charm penetraded our hearts
Enchanted by magical power
Swords and armor we forged
The earth has been dug
Fiery stoves fed our forests
Clouds of smoke covered sun
That was no longer our god
We marched though unknown lands
The earth trembled beneath our feet
Woe betide those who to stop us
Dead bodies graced our bloody trail
The gods gave us steel
The cold penetrated our souls
It's splendor blinded our enemies
Nothing could stop us
We vowed loyalty and devotion
To uknown gods who sneered us
We laughed in the face of death
Bewitched by the call of war
At the end of the world
Beyond the horizon of sorrow
Dark armies have been hatched from the abyss
In the clouds of black smoke
We could not see what's beyond the horizon
Death has spread its wings over the enemy
Black flags flapped in the clouds of soot
Issuing a spooky ominous sound
The sun and the moon hid behind the horizon
Final rays as a last goodbye
In the land of eternal cold and ice
We will have to fight the last battle
The pale gloomy dusk. We marched
In a close-order armored column
Fearless and full of pride
Across from the enemy hidden in the mist
Swords shining with eerie light
Axes pierced armors
Falling thunder tearing the earth
Bloody storm overthrow our hearts
In the foggy gray mirage
Ghosts tormented the fallen
The bitter cold, one could from the distance
We sharpen our swords to keep warm
Piercing sound rent the silence
The gods unleashed their chariots
Storms lighten up by the thunders
In the rain and mud we followed the chariots