Текст песни Grayshapes - Compass

Оригинальный текст песни Compass

Hold your breath
Take my hand
I know how it feels to fall apart
When the world is crushing on your chest
I'll show you the place where you can find a light in the dark

So take a look around
Through all the pain and doubts
We're not used to be ourselves

So take a look inside
You need to understand
We're not meant to be the same

I'll be the compass carrying you back home
Where you can let go
All the tears you've shed
All the lies you've heard

Like a tidal wave
I'll wash your pain away
Leading the path to the brighter days
I'll be by your side and you don't need to hide anymore

So take a look around
Now you don't need to run
Trying to be somebody else

So take a look inside
This is a never-ending fight
Against yourself

We weren't born blind and selfish
Don't need to feel it anymore
Loneliness is a price for greatness
There's no fear behind the death's door

When it feels like everything is falling apart
I'll show you the light in the dark



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