Текст песни Grimelord - Vile Ones

Оригинальный текст песни Vile Ones

The constant disfigurement of society will crumble and through it all this world will fucking burn ahh!!!

(X2trust me I can see it
I can tell that you don’t want this)

I’m fucked up! This work has got me faded it seems that I have lost all my free will this masterpiece will surely be taken and consumed by its own X2CREATORS!!!

The Viles ones will take you slowly misguided you may follow us here now take your fucking lives they listened to him he said great things but what was true the thought on his brain (INSANE)
(X2Lately I’ve been feeling Dreade
I will lead them to there deaths)

I am the beast the true fucking meaning of hatred the vile ones they have tainted me took over my brain
And now where do we go from here the tainted water will take over the seas it bleeds

X3It bleeds it bleeds
The vile one screams

God damnit what the fuck
God damnit what the fuck
I am the vile one UGH!!!
God damnit what the fuck

Альбом Vile Ones

Grimelord - Vile Ones

Дата релиза: 11.09.2020

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