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You can't flow if your back's against a cold brick wall
Red dust seen settling to mask who you really are
Now i don't mind it at all,
But lately there's an itch to scratch the tension that's been hiding the calm
Denial is not the pillow to choose
Don't rest your head on what is easily abused
Now i can't find it at all
My confidence left jaded by an image of myself hung from hollow walls

It's not gospel, for i search in the darkest of corners for moments to feel alive
Find something to believe in
All this stress is my vector for suffer spent
Can you show me that you're listening?
Absorb your blessings and remember that trauma can teach you to think

If you could follow me underneath,
We'd unroot stillness and silence will speak
To fuse a wisdom to air that we breathe

Try not to hold your tongue too often, these streets are glazed with affliction, it seems
We've forgotten to fight for our dreams

You can't flow when your backs against a cold brick wall
You can't float and the waves seem reluctant to guide you home
Now i can't hear you at all
Cold oceans fill my lungs and start to dampen every word i would call my own

Your time is not a thing i'd abuse,
I love you too much to rub salt in your ageing wounds
Now i can't fake it no more, it's time to be the change you always said i could be

Thank you, for all the moments,
Where you've been able to meet complacence with patience

I owe you for all the moments where you've been able to help me grow through reflection
We had our hearts busted open
We're expected to fall
No one said it was easy.To be loved but alone

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