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I get this feeling when I’m running on empty, like I’m on fire but there’s nothing left to burn. The chance to blow it all to hell is so tempting. It’s now or never 'cause you never learn.

I get up, I get down.
Kiss the sky, hit the ground.
Don't know why, don't know how,
I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

I get high, I get low.
I’ve got no place to go.
Light my fuse, I’ll explode.

I’m losing my head, I'm all out of touch,
I’m feeling so dangerous.
I can’t get ahead, and I’ve had enough.
I’m feeling so dangerous.

I get this feeling when I’m so close to breaking, I can’t see straight, and my vision blurs.

I’m dangerous, so dangerous.

Альбом Hands Like Houses EP

Hands Like Houses - Hands Like Houses EP

Дата релиза: 23.10.2020

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