Текст песни Hanging Garden - A Song For Those Belated (Rain)

Оригинальный текст песни A Song For Those Belated (Rain)

A song from bygone days
A haunting tune in the back of the mind
Sing with the damned, oh rising tide
For the stars are aligned on the clearest sky

A song from belated morns
Daunting moons, forever behind

This night the sky became the sea
Beating soil and the soul torn asunder
Who should dare to tread under darkest clouds
Slick and tarnished with the taste of demise

Tainted water pours from the ages past
Running through these fingers battered and worn to the bone
Diluted with the shadows of wasted days
Frozen it hovers to the broken ground

Альбом Against The Dying Of Light

Hanging Garden - Against The Dying Of Light

Дата релиза: 05.06.2020

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