Текст песни Harbored Dreams - Separated Existence

Оригинальный текст песни Separated Existence

Proclamation starts the feud between all of human life
No voice can stop violence depravity takes over minds
discrimination of the people who were once united
now begins the downfall of humanity this war has started
they draw their weapons having malevolent inside their eyes
Loathing glares, teaching youth to grow not knowing equality
walking shadows amongst the crowd, lurking in silence awaiting riots
antagonizing vociferate hordes
the ignorance of both, leaves us blind
desecrate and defile this life only knowing to fight x2
live in fear, having silenced your voice, corruption fills the void x2
feels like for eternity, never knowing if you’re free, disgraceful actions endlessly, blood is flowing through the streets
corruption fills the void
propaganda, only helping their own sides.
Depicted as the truth but only feeding you lies
brain washed followers, keeping false leadership to remain in power x2
living to hide, we all stand as cowards, together they’ll devour you x2
watch the earth crumble down at your feet
Open your eyes and take a look, you’ll watch it decay