Текст песни Hate - Exiles of Pantheon

Оригинальный текст песни Exiles of Pantheon

Charcoal night!
Seal your womb
May your offspring rejoice
In the blood of gods
On the ruins of pantheon!
I saw them bound to the wheels
I saw them burnt at the stakes
Grapple grim eternities
And cling to old delights

Douse the torment
Put the fires out!
No deity, no saviouress takes the torch
To light the race alive!

Hark to the cry of the exiles of pantheon!
The barking of the wolves unleashed
I saw them nailed to the trees
I saw them led to the gallows
On the scaffold to the stars
Draped with shreds of flesh

Douse the prayer
Put the fire out!

Crawl out of the slough
Of forgotten graveyard
Of a stillbirth′s tomb
Reclaim golden embrace!
Arkhen has fallen
But Arkhen shall stand!
Where manhood is owned
Wherever wisdom shines
It comes to light!

Exiles! Exiles!
Of pantheon!

Exiles! Exiles!
Of pantheon!

They phase right through the graves
Fearless army of dying titans
In human flesh
Venom boiling in their eyes
Wolves of the battlefields
No one's slaves
No one′s vassals
They'll never bend
Their knees to the crowned

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Hate - Rugia

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