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Raven's son!
I sing your praise
Over marshy swamps
At sanguine dawn
Thy glory lingers in solstice
Forever more
On the runes stones
In climax starlight
Trapped in a dream
Before the rise of dawn
Our souls will be freed
For perkuna's delight!
Thy thoughts are seeds
And our soil is fertile
Those ingulfed in lunacy
Might as well be gone
In pillars of sulphorous fire
Those who crawl
Might as well lie in graves
In fathomless silence
In grandeur's eclipse
In glorious flame
Hallowed essence unchanged
Give your darkness to gods
Through me!
And cease to suffer
Walk this dust-path
And trust this shrine of our faith
Of the sage mind!
Let our spirits soar beyond!
And yet divine
Spellfire of our faith
Through auroras arise!

Альбом Rugia

Hate - Rugia

Дата релиза: 15.10.2021

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