Текст песни Hawthorne Heights - Constant Dread

Оригинальный текст песни Constant Dread

I can feel my body breaking down, California sun
I can see the colors spiral out, nowhere left to run
Don’t leave so soon, when the darkness closes in
We burned out bright, I’m sorry it’s the end

All our curses go away, washed out by a wave (such constant dread)
All our curses go away, there’s nothing left to save (I’m better off dead)
I’m better off dead

I can’t do it alone just bury my bones off the coast on a western shore
Caught in the foam I sink like a stone I’m lost on the ocean floor
It’s killing me to know, it’s killing me again
Have I let you down now
Have I let you down

It’s all in your head, such constant dread
All I wanna know is, “Am I better off dead?”
Search for a light, look toward the sky
Don’t be afraid to die