Текст песни High Command - Merciless Steel

Оригинальный текст песни Merciless Steel

Marching onward through the gates into the valley of death
Abhorrent screams of pestilence echo in the dark
Chilling waves of torment, blind savagery
The mystic force of Panthior must be overthrown
Breaking through the catacombs, the onslaught begins
With instruments of vile death we'll show no mercy

Merciless steel
Sentenced to the pit
Fall to the hammer
Sentenced to the pit

Thrown from the cliffs of agony
To burn in the immortal blaze

Chilling waves of torment, blind savagery
The mystic force of Panthior must be overthrown

Rising from the ravage flames the shadow god appears
With the power of illusion our true test begins

"Dikeptor... What punishment does failure demand?"

Struck by the hammer of vengeance
Impaled by the sword of wisdom
The entity of fear crumbles into ash
Return to the realm of fire

Альбом Beyond The Wall Of Desolation

High Command - Beyond The Wall Of Desolation

Дата релиза: 27.09.2019

Первый полноформатный альбом американской трэш-метал группы High Command, вышел 27 сентября 2019 года.