Текст песни Hunted Like Thieves - Chalkstone Haven

Оригинальный текст песни Chalkstone Haven

Every blister on these feet is an untold story
of a journey deep beneath
to remediation from that overwhelming
and reoccurring sense of feeling lost

It’s constantly lingering
deep down in my gut
Your everlasting grace
reminds me how seasons change
that we must be wary to rearrange
Despite hail and thunder
Antagonists can reconcile
You let wither and you let thrive
You let burst and you let bloom
Have never searched for you
but were there for me
You teach me to let it all go
fear, doubt and disbelief
You never ask for answers
but nudge me to try my best
Just distance and devotion
A sacrifice I gladly make

My heavy heart unfolds
with every step upon your chest
Your crest provides the balance
Sedates my unrest
With your elegance
you provide me wings
Your roots remind me
to stick to the ground
and stay firm
when the storm will arise

You push me to the edge
but you won’t let me give in