Текст песни Huntsmen - Colossus

Оригинальный текст песни Colossus

Too many suns in a splintered sky
Don't shield your eyes, let 'em burn you alive
Gaze on Colossus, a desolate prize
It'll live beyond you, and the spreading fires

Bury your fear
Extend your mangled hand
Shadow draws near
Courage like a cloak
Stare it in the eye
Don't blink when it stares back

Old legend tells how a soldier died
Saving his love and their unborn child
Watched by Colossus, frozen in time
Their tale lives beyond us - what will we leave behind?

“And yet the fear takes root in the naked soul
The sand, the sky, and big birds with wings as wide as the sky
They gaze down and watch, and wait for us to die.”

Альбом Mandala Of Fear

Huntsmen - Mandala Of Fear

Дата релиза: 13.03.2020

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