Текст песни Hyro The Hero - Fight

Оригинальный текст песни Fight

I know life can be miserable
(When it comes down)
When you think u invisible
(I see you now)
They got all the materials
(And they’re so proud)
But that don’t make them invincible
(That don’t make them invincible)
When you at the bottom
It feel like you don’t wanna see tomorrow
Problems it’s like no way out of no way to solve them
Drowning in sorrow and
debt life full of stress
living check to check
I know you want out of this mess

My best friend they’re bleeding
I’m still breathing
I won’t be the one left behind
It’s from this pen that I bleed
My blood is my aim
And I won’t be the won’t left to die
I Fight
Fight Fight
We gone we gone we gone
Fight Fight
Get up off the ground
Fight fight
We gone we gone we gone
Fight fight
Get up off the ground

All we need is a miracle
(Can’t find out how )
These conditions unlivable
(I wanna get out )
Before I turn criminal
(And take that route)
Situation is critical
(It’s critical now)
This rollercoaster of emotions has my stomach turning
These quick drops and slow rises nothings ever certain
Makes you question everything asking what’s the purpose
If I’m stuck in quicksand can you pull me to the surface

Where your heart at
(When it comes down)
Show me where your heart at
(I see you now)

Where your heart
(And they’re so proud)
I know you got more heart than that
Show me where your heart is at