Текст песни In Balance - Inhuman

Оригинальный текст песни Inhuman

scream all you can
as you fucking beg for mercy
embrace the pain
as the knife penetrates deep

i’ll watch the blood spill
as you squirm in a pool of your blood
struggling for your last final breathe

so this is what it's come to
a life with no true value
just a sculpture of a mangled corpse
i will smile as your life begins to fade

into oblivion
i lust for the sound of your cries
as you choke on your own blood

not even your sorrowing screams
will rectify the past


feel pain as I rip your flesh apart
savoring your screams
of mercy
holding your life in my hands
leaves me so satisfied

the hand of death
takes you by your fucking neck
i want to hear you

beg for mercy

savoring your screams for mercy
lusting for your blood