Текст песни In Flames - State Of Slow Decay

Оригинальный текст песни State Of Slow Decay

It is my reflection
But I know it’s not me
I am becoming something else
I feel the weight of the key

This place is falling apart
There’s no way back
Passing through the gates
A new shadow will reveal itself

The stories have run their course
None of them make sense
We’re all someone else’s fool
Buried in our own debris

Destroy the things you know
Destroy yourself in shame
Before tomorrow comes
Destroy everything

Faith alone won’t sustain
We’re in a state of slow decay
I hear forgive and forget
But I see there’s no way

Seen it through the accolades
It all should be a great success


In Flames

Шведская группа родом из Гётеборга, играющая в стиле мелодичного дэт-метала. Основана гитаристом Йеспером Стрёмбладом в 1990 году.
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