Текст песни In Hearts Wake ft. Jamie Hails - Hellbringer

Оригинальный текст песни Hellbringer

Living in an underworld,
down underdogs and thunder gods are waiting for the night’s return.

Digging up the cursed words from open graves.
Where no one prays.
Giving up our souls to burn.

Are you afraid of what you don’t know?
Or are you just losing control?
There’s a mess in the message,
while holding mass in the wreckage

Turn it up.
It’s so infuriating, this is no place for hate.
Look at all the souls you’re breaking.
Imprisoned. Escape.
Pray tell, maybe heaven’s in hell.
Is the one you worship just yourself?
Hallelujah! How can you go back?

They curse “the devil’s music” and say we murder to it.
They pray for those who can’t be saved.
If waking words are treason and mother earth a demon,
then I’m a fucking sinner.
So go ahead and pull the trigger.

Who’s dancing with the devil now?
Who’s the devil now?

Альбом Kaliyuga

In Hearts Wake - Kaliyuga

Дата релиза: 07.08.2020

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