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When memories are all that’s left of me
Rooted like evergreens
Let fate rain on me
In the bitter air changing seasons bring
To exist in rememberings
Am I worth a memory?

Washing away in the endless sea
The spinning of threads in uncertain lengths
Let fate rain on me

Pull me under to a world that’s still
Drown me in the cold, dense rift
Slowly in a moonlit drift
Take me away, cast the world in stone
Slow the spinning sun

Try to stop the sand
But it only flows quicker
Pry the ticking hand
Just to try to remember
Did I use the time I had
Or did I let the time use me?
All the days I can’t get back
Suspend me in time

Wear me down
Cast the world in stone
Dancing in the dark
I’ll stay here all alone

Take me away
Cast the world in stone
Slow the spinning sun

Nothing is lost as long as it’s remembered
I’ve lost myself

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Invent Animate - Greyview

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