Текст песни Jaded Star - A Pain All Mine

Оригинальный текст песни A Pain All Mine

I'll never find the right words
To make you understand
So with my chest wide open
Before you here I stand
And I’m trying to find
A way without you

The day you laid your eyes on me
on my mother’s breast
You’ve built a wall through
which I can’t see
But you must confess
That if you’d pray for me
You would say
The things you never
told me all the way

I guess then I would find
my way without you

I’m the one who stays alive
Finding pieces of my mind
I’ve got a pain all mine
I’ve got a pain all mine
And nobody knows it

Regret is stronger than gratitude
This is what they say
But I was never a part of you
Guess I was too late

I’ve been too low
so I choose to grow

Yet I’m still reaching my hand
To understand a broken man
(another broken man)
Instead of trying to find
my way without you

Wake up father…

Give me a chance then just kill me again

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Jaded Star - Realign

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