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And I am a pirate
I attack in maritime
Danes and Vikings on my mind
Marijuana and crimson wine
I smoke, I drink, repeat
Oh a pirates life, it is so sweet

And I made Anne Bonny in a South Carolina battery town
I can still see her going down
Old Calico Jack and his royal crown
Packing nothing close to heat
Oh I made Anne Bonny, I made her sweet
I made her sweet

I only raise my red flag to tell you
The devil is down below
And what good is a sailor without a skull and his crossbones?

And I am a gunner
You’d be better off dead than to meet my gun
Fire 40 shots to my only one
Moses lives on the seventh sun
I aim, I shoot, repeat
A gunner’s life, we shall delete

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Jonathan Wilson - Dixie Blur

Дата релиза: 06.03.2020

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