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I've got the quality that can't be beat
No Doubt I got these motherfuckers at my feet
Burnin' hotter
Color red
You need some water?
It's depressin' watching y'all stressin'
You can catch me anytime I keep it flexin'
How you gonna do your friends like that?
Snake in grass
Yo watch your back
Fell from heaven and yes that's my quality
Looks unreal bitch virtual reality
Stuck in the past
You look frustrated

Cute as butterfly
Fly as a bee
Queen of the homies
They swarm around me
Hit the gas
Burnin' rubber
Listen up man, did I stutter?
Yes I am
Too hot to handle
Baby I'm busy
This winning shit's easy
My attitude breezy
I gotta stay chill
There's no cold that's cuttin' through
You wack, you old
We over you
Makin' it happen
You're slippin'
I'm laughin'
The fire I'm trackin
So poppin' it kill
Take a seat
We bring the heat
Melt those shoes right off your feet
Watch me do my thing they call it slaying
Sucker sweet for me, they got a craving
Earth Quaking
Flexin' on ya

Movin' fast I can't hear what ya sayin'
Way too fast for the games you playin'
Yeah how's that taste?
See no give, yeah you all take
Yes I am
Too hot to handle

Альбом JF Crew, Vol. 2

Just Friends - JF Crew, Vol. 2

Дата релиза: 20.05.2021

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