Текст песни Kardashev - Snow-Sleep

Оригинальный текст песни Snow-Sleep

“Wait by the river.”

“Something has changed.
Something is different,
I know.
Where have you gone?
It’s getting dark.
Was I left behind?
You’re far away!
Where have you gone?”

Child hardened by snow.
Given up to the cold.

“Where have you gone?
It’s getting dark.”

“Follow along the riverbed.
You’ll find her waiting there.
Breathe into your hands.”

She yields to the ground.
White breath above
A quickly waking ghost.
She knows
This is the last moon.
This is the last time she’ll lie awake
Screaming out. Asking forgiveness.
“Mother! Please come back!”

“What did I do?”
“Why did she leave?”
“I didn’t mean to…”
“I’ll do better, I swear!”

“It's my fault!”
“She did this to herself!”

Was I left behind?
You’re far away.
This is my fault.
I will be fine.
Where have you gone?
You’re far away.

Альбом The Baring Of Shadows

Kardashev - The Baring Of Shadows

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