Текст песни Kasparov - I Saw

Оригинальный текст песни I Saw

I saw
I saw your misery
I saw
I saw this tragedy

Sad eyes in a face
of a beautiful
human being

Bent body
smashed to the ground
Strokes of fate

Your scars tell your story
Made of loss
And death

Your skin has not forgotten the agony

Why do we keep this as it is
we would never ever
create a world like this

It doesn’t matter how many lifes will be broken
greed rules the world
this law is unspoken

No improvement in sight
the horizon shows no light
it’s time for change
it’s time for change

Rolling Tears on the cheek
A bit of hope
Almost gone

Wide eyes
Looking to hold on

Not expected
this man made evil

Another sneaky stroke
On the hand
Seeking help

You’re looking for humanity
in inhumanity
in this cruelty