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I've let melancholy settle through my skin
The daily cycle begins
I'm left decaying
The fragile shell of thoughts remains within
Why can't I justify the notion of being able to clear my mind
Of all the thoughts you'd left with me
That I'm too scared to hide

I was alone
Fracture my home
That much i know
Drag me down

Burn your name into my tongue
Allow what's passed to be undone
My pain is my own
There's nothing left and I'm still alone
To give myself the life that you denied me
Well I need to change

Why can't I escape the dark
The black floods in
Consumes my thoughts
And I am left to drown

I've romanticized my cynicism in a way that I can't place
So much time spent fearing what my future holds, but I know I won't change
I need to fucking change
Force me to cross that point
And let go of the past that binds me
Step out of your shadows
And find my own light

It's time that I
I escaped the dark
Digging back through faded memories
Just another thing I've lost
Well the flood has levelled
My thoughts my own
I won't be shackled down
I refuse to drown

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Keepsake - Slowburn

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