Текст песни Kitsune - Dear Mom

Оригинальный текст песни Dear Mom

I took some time to think about your life I know it's late
You had my brothers and my sister you were 17
A little baby taken from her friends and family
I can't imagine how it felt you lived it every day

You found a life of drugs and alcohol, you fell away
The violence inside our house it drove us all insane
I still remember when you tried to take your life away
I hope you know I don't resent you for it either way
Are you okay? Tell me that you're okay
Broken fuckin' family
Nothing you could do about it anyway
Tell me that you're okay
Since I moved to L.A. I still hear you scream when I lay awake
I feel I'm runnin' out of time, all my family is dyin'
Everyday you're gettin' older and I'm far away
I guess it's just how it goes and it's not okay,
no I'm not okay yeah

I keep runnin' from the truth and I don't wanna face it
I've got memories of you I know one day that's all I'll have
Cause our time is runnin' out I figured that one out with Dad
Everybody that I love is gone or gonna end up dead