Текст песни Kiwi Jr. - Undecided Voters

Оригинальный текст песни Undecided Voters

Dead men from a desert grave cry out,
"him there, that's sparticus!"
But you're going to art school now
So what do you care anyhow?

You take a photo of the cn tower
You take another of the honest ed’s sign
While i take photos of your photos
And they really move people i know online

Undecided voters

King crab’s got 4 or 5 bank accounts
King crab doesn't care about time zones
Federally funded
To bed early on sundays

Glasgow’s on fire for the second time
In five years, making headlines

Like a bad dream
Always on sight, never a part of the scene

Undecided voters

When the results come out
The grind begins to shout about
Machines printing their own sculptures
We're going all in on the new subculture... For life

Undecided voters
Live from duane reade!