Текст песни Larry Jon Wilson - Sheldon Churchyard

Оригинальный текст песни Sheldon Churchyard

Down in coastal South Carolina there's a very old county, with some very old customs... root doctor people that put spells on, supposedly, and lawmen that lift them off, supposedly. I met a root doctor lady down there that became my friend. Met her in an old church ruin, in an old place called the Sheldon Churchyard

Storm passed by in a half-moon sky
I laid by the well to rest my eyes awhile
In Sheldon Churchyard
Sheldon Churchyard

I woke in a fright and there in the moonlight
A Gullah woman whispered in the night
Son... son, what you doin here?
What you doin’ here?

I said I'm so tired of the time I've wasted
There’s been no joy in the life I've tasted
Since I been here
Since I been here

Can you help me put an ending
To the ten-cent life I've been spending
'Fore I come here

She said that you been seeking fortune and fame, son
Our two problems ain't the same, son
My nights are spent fighting with the witchman
My days I mostly spend
Peeling taters for the rich man

And I come here to dig the sweet mayapple
Leave here in a tomb, so grapple
Put the root wanga on the high sheriff
One high sheriff

I opened my eyes in a half-moon sky
And I thought I saw a goat hung high
And I thought I saw a black woman digging in the ground
Turn around and wave goodbye
From Sheldon Churchyard
Sheldon Churchyard