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Оригинальный текст песни The Big Picture

While seasons flow into one another
It’s getting so hard to remember
Those memories I don’t even have
All the summer romances we never had
Every dance I never danced with her

What we’ve never been through together

She’s a woman and so much more
She’s a woman

I got so many pictures on my walls
Dad asking : « when is she coming home ? »
He doesn’t know she doesn’t know me at all
Sometimes, I wish I could be a decade older
And wave these years goodbye to be with her
So she could turn me into a better man

Cause she’s a woman and so much more
She’s a woman

Born to complain I’m not meant to go back
Her brown hair turned to red and then to black
My blue songs keep filling my paperback
They don’t know shit about what I’m feeling
They laugh but no one dries the tears that are falling
There’s no dressing for my heart

She’s just a woman but so much more

Альбом The Big Picture

Last Train - The Big Picture

Дата релиза: 13.09.2019

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