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So much hatred, I'm at the point of no return.
All this pain you've caused made me feel all colors clearly
I'm at the lake that used to be my shelter
Where I've pretended that willow will take care of me.

Years have passed
But I still find peace
in coming here to watch the water surface
Reflect the sun
That almost blinds me
Reminding that I have true sight

I'm throwing stones into the water
Like I'm trying to brake image of myself

Years have passed
But I still wonder
Is this real? Are you finally gone?
Never thought that
I will miss you
I guess we weren't so different after all

And I'm dropping the soil on the black wood beneath my feet
I'm letting you go with forgiveness, I'm letting you go
And I'm burying my hurt in this black wood beneath my feet
I'm heading to east where the sun never sleeps

Every dawn that I'll see will become your memorial
Every dusk will erase what's left of your shadow

Альбом Of Broken Bones

Lastborn - Of Broken Bones

Дата релиза: 07.04.2020

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