Текст песни Level 80 - Lost Thoughts

Оригинальный текст песни Lost Thoughts

Find yourself.

My thoughts are terrifying me,
They slaughter me, they kill me.

Lost thoughts come back to poison
Our poor lives.

Sacred ruins of the past,
Massive plans which were denied,
Minds of loved ones crucified,
Dreadful ideas reappear to ignite.

Thoughts force me to blame myself,
They just created another blind introvert.

Try and explain to me this endless cycle of
Misery that attempts to absorb our earth.

Our wicked Earth.

Our lost thoughts came back
And will never go away.

They devour our brains and make our worst Nightmares come true.

They locked us in cages of rust
And threw away the keys,
No way to stop this suffering.

No end in sight.

There is no admissible remedy
To counter this poison.

This pollution of ourselves.

We will never run fast enough to escape this inextricable maze.

We are lost in this bottomless place.

By our dire thoughts we are being chased,
We struggle to find peace and grace,
But always end up in the same remains.

We are slaves.

We are slaves of our own reflections.

Find yourself in the fading reverberation.

Recognize your own image
In the eyes of the others now.

Right fucking now.