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Оригинальный текст песни Forevermore

Is that you?
I can't... tell if I'm dreaming

Blind the truth
Walk in the shadows
Show me the way
Is that you?

The one I was hearing
That all is forgiven
Closing in
Speak the words
Scape on forever

When there's nothing left to say
I dream that I can hold on you
And make what I believe in
Coming true and fear no evil

Is that you?
The only one out there

Face the fear
Call my name
I'm holding the fire

Come to me
Silence's been broken
Love and grace
Long time forgotten

Twist my mind
Feels like I'm...
Missing and broken

When is hard to understand
A love that brings you home at night
But you don't really know me

And I struggle while I beg
And pray for you to
Run away
Can you see the light?
Is the afterlife awaiting?

When I slip into fiction
And get lost in the dead of the night
Carry me where I belong
You're my soul destination
Never learnt how to live with this curse
Faith remains forevermore

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