Текст песни Lower Parts Of Human Sludge - Home-Tanned Human Remains

Оригинальный текст песни Home-Tanned Human Remains

Drugged body bound to the table
Unconsciously waiting the payment of principal
Acid expanding the ulcer
Feeding with those who accelerate its secretion
Parasite now larger than host
Becomes a short-term outlet for anger

Dull blade shoved in the back
Scraping the meat with scars and scabs
Small trophy for the tissues skinned off
Flutter on the artist’s disjointed shoulder

Wooden frame, draft, saturation, preservative
Emulsion, sawdust, cross-kneading, gasoline
Bearings of the barrel slowly chase to squeak
New art is ready-to-serve

Crawling through the park I lick mist
Grabbing the wet oak roots
I think he can’t see me, but he knows I exist
His gravity attracts me more and more

Approaching the neighborhood of my lair
Any doubts now are removed
My chest tighten from the thought that
I had lost the role of observer

Home-tanned remains of human skin
Adorns the front door threshold
I approach it and rub my shoes
Strongly – until it bursts