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There´s snakes under my skin
They´re under my skin
I can feel them crawling
When you stick your tongue in
The red light is making me mad
Yeah, It´s making me break
Like I´m sinner and you´re a saint
But we both know
How this game is played

Like fine wine
I chug your words down
All the time
All the things that you made me say
The stories you told all the parties I stayed
You´re such a liar, baby

The air keeps on thickening
Like breathing in water
Your money is tight I´m not backing down
You gotta pay what you break
And as we are playing out
This scene of madness, your hair´s been trashed
And you´re in no position to judge on my sins

Like fine wine
I chugged your words down
Not this time
All the things that you made me do
The stories you told so I would please you
You´re such a liar, baby
Liar, I´m burning those bridges
And there ain´ nothing you can do
´cause in the end there wasn´t anything left from you
Liar, piledriving all of those memories we went through
Here´s looking at you

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Luna Kills - Not To Be Bitter, But It Helps

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