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All my life I felt this fucking sorrow
But when I close my eyes I can see tomorrow
Now I search for truth, a silent dreamer
Live for no one else, no, I'm a believer

I am on a journey to be free

I, I'm in defiance
I will burst their rumble now with words of silence
No, no lies and violence
I will walk that noisy road with just some words of silence
But they know what I mean

There's a million stars of different color
So I live unique, no need to follow
I cried tears of blood, tried to be like others
But fuck, I will not live my life like they want 'cause it's short so accept or don't bother

Deep inside I found my silent dream
Nothing's for granted
Nothing's for sure
Cause life is fucking hard but it belongs to you

I play my song without their guidance
So can't you understand my final words of silence
Don't you know what they mean

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Majesty - Legends

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