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Like a star
Cold in the distance, soundless its call
You don't see, you don't hear at all
How can I explain hell?
Raging in deepness
Tides of desire swell
From my gravity well
I need to crush you against me
Burning for...

Like the sand
Endless desert drying
This thirst undying
I'm coming for you, can't you see?
The grains falling on you
In stealth like my stare
From wings of the air
To your skin cool and bare
Let us stay here together
Covered for...

Like shadow
I'm your lover eternal
We were joined at birth
I'll lie with you still in the earth
Without you I'll be gone
Hollowed out by the light
Stay out of the sun
And stay out of sight
You will be here in my arms
Buried for...

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