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When the noise next door

Is bangin loud in your life
Should I really get out more

Will the party down your street

Cause the thump in your brain

To match your heart and it’s beat or

Cos when your mind unwinds

And If you try and remind
The noises once that lived there

They are the days of your youth
And they were speaking to you
But now it’s silence they’ve gone elsewhere

I’m just smashing my face into another tomorrow
Closing today go over yesterday's audio
Killing some time till I'm flushed out or I’m told to go

I’m only killing some time inside my house of noise
Killed by the climb killed by the lows and the highs
Killing some time till I go deaf in my house of noise

I got a burning inside
To scream you know I’m alive
I’ve every right to be me

I've got a brain but it’s dead
A heart that’s easily led
I’ve a remote but no TV

I’m kicking both of my legs
My arms and bangin my head
But nothing seems to be right

I'm lost in life on a roll
Burning up in a hole
I'd like to bid you all goodnight

Альбом House Of Noise

Massive Wagons - House Of Noise

Дата релиза: 17.07.2020

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