Текст песни Mayday Parade - Lighten Up Kid

Оригинальный текст песни Lighten Up Kid

Everybody’s got a chance to make it out
I need to find a safe place until I calm down
Or maybe I just need to stand alone somehow
My face turned red, you’re in my head
It’s getting late, it’s time to go
In my head, you’re in my head, you’re in my head
Lighten up a little, locked up, belittled
Until you go insane
Taken for granted until you called my name
Lighten up a little, stuck in the middle
Can’t help but go insane
That bridge is gonna burn before you know
I can’t wait to say I told you so
There’s a ringing in my head that sings so loud
Maybe I’m just getting used to all that sound
Maybe there’s a little poison in the clouds
This could be my chance to make it out