Текст песни Meadows - The Depths

Оригинальный текст песни The Depths

“What’s on your mind?”
Some nights I stay up, afraid of the backs of my eyes, afraid to see inside, my head.
(What’s inside my head?)
Afraid to deal with the weight that I held. Faint forgiveness in the air, but I’m convinced
that they won’t care.
(Feigned forgiveness in the air)
Within reach, but they won’t care.
But there’s a hand still reaching out for me, to reach into my heart’s attempt to see, to
take off this blindfold covering me. The anxiety, the depression, isolation, obsession.
“Observe the story again. Tell it from cover to cover.” (Cover to cover). My life’s a trial of
missteps and errors (missteps and errors).
I turned my back on my family, and God’s house that we called home. But I’m no longer
in control. The bottle’s gripped tight around my throat.
Don’t forget who you are.
Get out of this hole that you’ve dug yourself in.
A goodbye and a letter.
Hold on to hope of things, maybe, getting better.
Of all the dreams and terrors you've seen.
Something always stands out, it's what life could have been.
That thought of making it work, or have I, have I just made it worse?
Can we mend what is broken if I’m on the outside?
Get by with surface hello’s and goodbyes. (Hello. Goodbye.)
A look too deep and they might see what’s inside. (What’s inside?)
Hold my heart in the way you first saw it.
Of all the memories, the worst stay stuck on rewind.

You lose yourself to the world.
You’ve lost yourself to the world.
I’ve lost myself to the world.