Текст песни Mephala - Reverence

Оригинальный текст песни Reverence

Dread Father
Life and death of all
From within the Void I hear you calling my name
Comforting me with temptations long forbidden and forgotten
The profound sorrow in their tormented screams
Slaughter and sacrifice mercilessly all so that you might be pleased
My every breath has been for you
Only now must I cease,
Grow old and die
Guide my hands
Stay by my side
Descend now unto me
Reveal your true self
My life is yours
My devotion is deep

Desecrate and defile
For I am but a vessel
Bless my suffering
Father, I’ll carry the gift I’m given
And bear it until it’s time
Guiltless, true perfection
I writhe for you
Your starving hunger
Will soon be sated
By the life that grows within

Bleeding and wailing, adrift in this torment
No agony more virtuous or worthy
Cursing the ground under me
Atonement is born, under the moons’ light
Beautiful as the stars
And to them, it must return

I know what must be done

Goodnight, my child
A promise of salvation as I raise my hands in praise
To rain them down, bludgeoning the newborn’s face
Tears of joy streaming down my cheeks into the viscera and disfigured remains
Oh lord are you pleased?

“Truly you are devout
My work comes forth in this realm
Know I am the soul of this place
Anointed Night Mother,
Return the lost to me
To me

I am the whisper
The will
That makes the named undone
The arbiter of all
Unto my arms, one day you’ll come