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I see the end
The bane of change
The ashes of a world
Consuming its own flame

The minds of meek
The waking sleep
The curtain pulled aside
Revealing only sheep

Wake of the sacrifice
Fear binding to hate
Break minds to not think twice
Their skin is made to bleed
A crystal tower standing clear but mirrors lie
Bewitched to betray
Reassured dismay

Keep your eyes on me

Wake of
Selling the mind to numb it
Reap the process
Break off
Healing to the world
The death is from inside
The lust for lies
And blackened comes the soul

Twisted is the edge
Breaking through my eyes

I’ve seen the prism
The system ticking low
Refracting only grey
The aperture knows not the glow
Frayed thought
Monochrome and dull
Bewitched and betrothed
Mutual disdain

Waking me
Hurting me
Meet me on the other side of the door

Too long

Too long
These chains
Surrounding me

Etching stone engravings deep
Neath the sun a daily lie
Too long chained and enslaved
Let me take the veil away

Альбом The Door

Messora - The Door

Дата релиза: 04.10.2019

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