Текст песни Monasteries - Allowing Your Traitors To Die

Оригинальный текст песни Allowing Your Traitors To Die

Locked Inside a disfigured room
Pictures on the drab wall are not a sign of the tranquility
Please for the love of god believe me

Into darkness we sink below

Double knotted rope round our ankles
Perched on a crooked chair
Why is it so comfortable?
We're not going anywhere

Looking down at a single barrel
With a great deluded smile
It's the last time we'll see each other
You're the poison I'm the vial

It's time to take turns,
Let's Spin the gun,
Let's see who'll get hurt
Nothing from no one

Shrouded into misery
You took everything away from me.

Was it something I said?
Was it something I did?
You acted out on me
You showed me no fucking sympathy

In darkness we sit and wait
Take one last look at the frames

Lay In the bed you made
No happiness awaits

Place the muzzle to your head
Pull the trigger
Let's see what's inside your head

I can't make sense of this mess
So I can't make more sense of this mess

Locked inside your head
Delusional thoughts I dread
Let's lay this mess to rest

allowing my traitors to die
Leaving them but with fragile minds

There's no angel inside

The guilt eats them alive
Look what we left behind