Текст песни Monosphere - I Am In Control

Оригинальный текст песни I Am In Control

Black tendrils are grasping me
Emerging from the floor
Sheer strings form around my wrists
My back pressed against the door

I accept the consequences
I need to carry the weight on my back right now
I am facing the worst part of me
There is no turning back right now

Contemplation enhances my misery
Desperation unleashes the worst in me

A sudden change in pace
In control of my own fate
Tears running down my face
A moment to embrace

Say something
Or you'll fall apart
Take control of the situation
Heart's pumping
A brand new start
Accept the transformation

I did a horrible thing
The tendrils lose their grip
I'm in control of myself
The weight becomes lighter
Lifeless eyes stare back at me
A glimpse, no reaction
Dry lips that are not talking
Is anyone in there

You're turning your back on me
You're drifting further away from me