Текст песни Moon Tooth - Six Of Swords

Оригинальный текст песни Six Of Swords

If I defile everything she touched
Oh sweet Mercy, would that be enough?
Piss on ground left holy
Spit and bile hold me up
This is no way to live
I could cut
But it wouldn't do a goddamn thing

With how Time defiles
All my open cuts
Foe turned Mercy
To swallow you up
Though it may erode me
It'll wash away your memory
In a flood of violent grief
I need but keep my head above
To survive and live free

I've been digging in the same cuts
Sifting through the same blood
Just dying to bleed
I've been hissing with a vile tongue
Blowing out these wild lungs
Just trying to breathe

Made my way fighting high waves
And ever have I endured
Earned my spurs in tides turned
And ever daring True North
Six swords no longer needed
Throw them overboard
Tribute turbulent seas
With eyes on the shore

Альбом Violent Grief: Acoustic Selections

Moon Tooth - Violent Grief: Acoustic Selections

Дата релиза: 31.07.2020

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